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About opGames Inc.

opGames is a game development company dedicated to creating fun, unique games.

opGames People

Lucas Ellis Engine Programming, Art Direction

Lucas is the designer/art director of Beakiez, and lead engine programming. He enjoys hiking, and currently resides in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Kevin Depue Programming, Level Design

Kevin designed many of the mind bending levels on Beakiez, wrote the gameplay and networking code, and contributed to opEngine development. He has a BA in both Mathematics and Computer Science from Hastings College and studied compiler theory and machine learning at Colorado State University where he earned his Master’s Degree. Kevin is addicted to solving Rubik’s cubes, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.

Josh Rife Artist

Josh is opGames’ primary 3D artist and was graciously on loan to us from the Academy of Art University. He handles everything from models and textures to rigging and animation. Josh loves paintball and is based in Sacramento, California. Josh has a BFA in Computer Animation and VFX from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Mick Rippon Music / Sound Effects

When Beakiez makes a sound, Mick is behind it. He also composes all the music. Mick currently resides in Newcastle, Australia.

Dave Taylor Producer

Dave serves as producer, helping with business development and design. He was one of the original programmers of Doom and Quake and was the producer of Abuse. He loves hamming it up in front of the camera and currently resides in Santa Monica, California.

Contact Information

All serious business inquiries can contact us here:

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